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About us

For more than twenty years, Vavilon Service has been a leader in the installation, repair and maintenance of roller shutter systems and automatic gates. During this time, our team has accumulated vast experience and a significant list of major clients!

We have been repairing, manufacturing and installing roller shutter systems since 2011.

During this time, we have been able to become partners for many construction organizations, shopping centers and enterprises that use roller shutters and roller doors at their facilities.

A little about the principles of our work

We do not participate in the game "competitors' quotation came and we will offer a price 5% lower"

In the final price, we include the cost of materials, the number of working hours spent on cutting, assembly, packaging, payment to the measurer and installers, shipping costs and additional materials. We want installers to work conscientiously, assemblers do not treat their work negligently, and measurers take measurements without haste and carefully. Therefore, we do not save on employees. Now imagine how those who are forced to take not by quality, but by quantity, work. We saw, we know, we come and remake.

We do not sell cheaper at the expense of quality and performance

You can also, but cheaper? It is possible, but not with us. Working with integrity is the main principle that all employees adhere to. We will not put a cheap profile on a wide opening, which will be blown out by the first gust of wind. We do not agree to the installation if we know that the structure will not withstand the load. We do not put small engines on heavy blades. And we rarely go out for warranty repairs. Because something that we install works well and long.

We do not deceive our customers

Can you check which profile your roller shutters were made from? After all, it does not have markings from the manufacturer. Are you sure that your roller shutter was assembled in accordance with the technical regulations, which actually do not exist, and all this remains on the conscience of the assembler? Due to such nuances, unscrupulous manufacturers win their contracts, and buyers are forced to apply again and again for repairs, not realizing that they actually overpaid for something that in fact costs much less.

We, if we cannot offer you a lower price, will not play around and use cheap analogues or leave something unfinished.

Our specialists are constantly improving at professional seminars and courses

Reviews about our work

We asked key partners to provide feedback on our work.

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